Food Ingredient Functionality

Are you a professional in the food industry and do you want to strengthen your expertise and knowledge about how food ingredients work and how they can be improved for efficient use in food systems?

In this online master’s course the relationships between the structure of food ingredients and their techno-functional and bio-functional properties are studied. As this online course is part-time, you will be able to combine study and work and enhance your career.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

ma 25 november 2019

Duur 4 weeks (20 hours per week)
Locatie Online
Prijsomschrijving €1,230

Content of the course

This course studies the relationships between the structure of food ingredients and their functionality. Functionality comprises techno-functional (e.g. gelling, foaming, emulsifying) and bio-functional (e.g. hormone look-alikes, cholesterol-lowering, appetite suppressant) properties. Strategies to improve these ingredients for efficient use in food systems will be discussed. The following aspects will be covered:
- overview of ingredients and their applications
- extent to which ingredients are interchangeable
- structure-function relationships of food ingredients, and their behaviour in food systems
- directed ingredient modification to improve functionality


The activities during this course comprise: knowledge clips, animations, self-study of the material, digital case studies and group work. The knowledge clips provide the theoretical background of the different topics. This will be complimented with reading material.

You will learn to

  • Explain the mechanism of action of techno-functional or bio-functional ingredients.
  • Explain why ingredients with similar chemical structures can have different techno- and bio-functionalities.
  • Explain how ingredient functionality can be influenced by processing.
  • Predict and explain the effect of interactions between different food ingredients under different conditions.

Combining courses

When you want to learn more about ingredient functionality, other courses are interesting for you too! You can deepen your knowledge in a specific career field, without following a complete master's programme. You can register for any combination, but these are our suggestions:
Advanced Molecular Gastronomy - from Ingredients to Food Texture (strongly recommended)
Advanced Molecular Gastronomy - Physical and Chemical Aspects of Flavour Pairing (strongly recommended)
Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods - Product Composition
Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods - Product Authenticity and Toxicology

Capstone project

After completion of two or more courses there is a unique opportunity to apply what you have learned. You can start a capstone project in consultation with a Wageningen expert in the field. It is a tailor-made project, where you will write a short paper about your results and conclusions. During this work you will be coached by the expert. Price: €1,230,-.

Assumed knowledge

The language of instruction of this course is in English. Admission to the course requires a level of English as defined at the website for Dutch nationals, EU nationals or nationals outside EU/EFTA respectively.


You can complete the course(s) with an exam (not obligatory) or a capstone project. When completed successfully this will be mentioned on your certificate (included in the price).

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