From Field to Forest Congress

Gabrielle Bartelse will be present. Together with four of her students she combined an idea's book for Sustainable Food production. This book will be presented and used during the workshops and congress.

Organised by Landscape architecture

Sat 28 November 2015 09:00 to 17:30

Venue Van Hall Larenstein, Velp

Main objective workshop and congress

We want to create an irreversible trend towards perennial agriculture ecosystems that can improve the quality of the environment and will provide high quality food for local markets. Above it will connect and inspire people from both cities and rural areas, so they will come up with new solutions for persisting problems concerning food, climate, environment and livability.

Mark Shepard, author of ‘Restoration Agriculture’ will visit Lingezegen Park, an area of 1700 hectares between the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He will stay with us from November 24 until November 28 2015. His visit will start with four workshops and end with a congress on the 28th.

Mark Shepard will also be visiting Wageningen University Landscape Architecture on Tuesday evening November 24. He will give a presentation on 'restoration agriculture' in the Forum building room 222, start at 20.00 till 22.30. Entrance is free.

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