Funding for Valorization of Scientific Knowledge

Would you like to know more about recent developments of the different funding instruments? Visit the Funding workshop at Impulse led by experts from NWO-TTW and RVO

Organisator Impulse

do 27 februari 2020 13:30 tot 16:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Zaal/kamer Speakers corner
Prijs Gratis

Change in research funding

A large number of fellowships, grants, and collaboration opportunities are available to a wide range of scientists. These foster and advance their research results towards societal impact and applications – i.e. Valorization. Over the last years there have been many changes regarding the offer of research funding instruments as well as submission’s criteria and valorization policy.

Information session

This information session, led by experts from NWO-TTW and RVO, will give you an overview and recent developments of the different funding instruments that are available for you at the National as well as European level. Similarly, information on how you can benefit from WUR’s internal funding and grant support experts will be shared. There will be ample time to ask all your questions on the impact paragraph, new procedural changes and the different funding opportunities. The workshop is appropriate for experienced scientists as well as scientists with no or limited experience with NWO-TTW, who aim at writing a NWO-proposal.


  • The Dutch funding landscape and new developments - Presented by NWO-TTW
  • European programs and framework on Valorization - Presented by RVO
  • FundOpportunities & Grant Support at WUR - Presented by CVC + CSA


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