Fundraising Party for De Wielewaag

Contractus is organising a benefit party for "De Wielewaag". De Wielewaag is a community house for the elderly and needs money for their move.

Organised by Contractus (the four Dutch Student Associations KSV, SSR-W, Ceres, Unitas)

Tue 15 April 2014 22:00 until Wed 16 April 2014 04:00

Venue Ceres G. Foulkesweg 1b Wageningen

With Bigband Sound of Sciences in the beginning of the evening. This Bigband consists of a diversity of Wageningen UR students and employees from different nationalities. Afterwards the party will begin with DJ's from the different student associations. Together we will raise money for a true local good cause: De Wielewaag.

In this evening we would like to share experiences about elderly care all over the world. If you have photos of you and your grandparents and/or you would like to share your experiences, bring the photos with you to the party. 

Entrance fee is € 3.00. The revenues for the entrance fee and partially for the drinks, will go to De Wielewaag. Bring your WUR card and ID (the party is for 18+).