Future of Food Systems in short films

The year is 2030, we are looking back at the changes in the food system over the past ten years and since the COVID-19 pandemic, illustrated by students. What do food systems look like? What has changed and how were people convinced to contribute to these changes?

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Mon 7 December 2020 15:00

Venue Online

On 7 December 2020 seven student teams travel 10 years into the future. In Stinger Dome, on the World Food Centre grounds, they creatively exhibit their reflections on the period of 2020-2030 in the form short 2,5 minute films. Focussing on the changes in the way we grow, produce, process, transport, prepare, and consume our food. And the way these activities impacted our society, incomes, environment, and climate following the COVID-19 pandemic. The short films are developed in collaboration with students from Creative Academy Reducations, experts in visualization.

Vote for the audience award!

The team explaining the future of food best will take home the € 500,- prize. It  will be a tough decision for jury members Channah Durlacher (media consultant, WUR), Leon Meijer (Municipality Ede), Melchert Meijer zu Schlochteren (film maker, Greendocs Film & National History Unit NL) and Roland van der Vorst (innovation specialist, Rabobank) who will be judging on content and story telling.

As an audience member, watching from home, you can join the online premiere where the 2,5 minute films of all seven team will be presented you can give your vote! See live which teams will go home with the prizes.