GAP2 International Symposium 2015: Participatory Research and Co-management in Fisheries

The GAP2 symposium will celebrate and reflect on the work of all GAP2 participants and partners over the last four years, at the forefront of participatory fisheries research in Europe.

Organisator Wageningen Marine Research

di 24 februari 2015 tot do 26 februari 2015

Locatie Barcelona, Spain

GAP2’s purpose is to demonstrate the role and value of stakeholder-driven science within the context of fisheries’ governance. Put simply, we bring scientists, fishermen and policy makers together. During the three-day symposium, we will provide an open forum to discuss and critically examine the successes and challenges of participatory research methods, using experience gained ‘in the field’ with fishers, scientists, and policy makers. Bringing together evidence from our  13 research case studies and beyond, we will  debate perspectives on fisheries co-management and the role that participatory research can play in facilitating co-management.

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