General Assembly of KLV


General Assembly of KLV

On Wednesday the 10th of December, the Annual General Assembly of KLV will be held (in Dutch). All KLV members are invited.

Organisator KLV – Wageningen Alumni Network

do 10 december 2015 18:30 tot 22:00

Zaal/kamer Speakers Corner
  • The budget for 2016
  • Proposal to change the articles of association of KLV, maybe this is also applicable for the internal regulations
  • Elaborated notes concerning the strategic approach of binding members, including carreer support
  • Elaborated notes concerning a large-scale conference in 2016
Practical information
19.30 hrs - Registration & coffee. This is a nice opportunity to get acquainted with the other participants & the board members.
20.00 hrs - Start Annual General Assembly.
21.00 hrs - After the meeting you are invited for a drink.
22.00 hrs - End


Please mail to in case you would like to join.