Genetische achtergrond van klauwgezondheid bij melkvee


Claw disorders in dairy cattle affect animal welfare and cause economic losses for the farmer. I investigated whether claw disorders in Holstein dairy cattle have a genetic background in order to be able to reduce claw disorders by genetic selection. I found that not only claw disorders are heritable, but also the need for claw trimming. Cows with a high need for claw trimming are not favorable and selection to reduce the need for claw trimming is feasible. The heritable variation of the need for claw trimming was confirmed in a
different dairy cattle breed; the Montbeliarde. Several suggestive markers in Holstein DNA influencing the development of claw
disorders were identified, although a major gene was not found. Furthermore, the accuracy and selection response of progeny
testing of bulls using information of their daughters versus genomic selection using genotypes as an information source to improve
claw health, was discussed.