Organisator Wageningen University

vr 15 juni 2018 17:15

vr 15 juni 2018 18:45

vr 29 juni 2018 17:15

vr 29 juni 2018 18:45

Have you always wanted to go gliding? Then this is your shot! SWU Thymos will travel with a group to Deelen to go gliding there on the 20th of June and the 5th of July. We will depart in 2 groups, 1 departing at 17:15 and 1 at 18:45 in front of Sports Centre de Bongerd. Mind that there are limited places.
You can subscribe till the 1th of June.

Note: in order to join this experience you will have to bring a valid ID card with you.

It can also be fairly cold during this experience so bring a warm jacket. Also sunglasses are advisable.

To go gliding you will need to be in relatively good mental and physical health, not be heavier than 105 kg and not be taller than 200 cm.

By transferring only €30 (€35 if you don’t have sports rights), you can sign up for this amazing event. You have to transfer the money 4 workdays prior to the event to NL66 RABO 0367 0126 26 in the name of SWU Thymos, stating ‘gliding + name’.  When you cancel less than 4 workdays prior the event, you get no refund!

Next to that, we like you to ask, after subscription, to send your full name, date of birth and birth place to These data is needed for the gliding company.
When the subscriptions are full. Please mail us. Maybe some spots will come free!


We are looking forward to it.

See you then!