Glucosinolates and beyond

Third international glucosinolate conference

Research on glucosinolates has flourished in the last decades. There has been a strong focus on fundamental as well as applied research of these secondary plant compounds occurring in the Brassicales.

Organisator Wageningen University, Laboratorium voor plantenveredeling

zo 12 oktober 2014 tot wo 15 oktober 2014

Locatie Conference Centre and Hotel De Wageningsche Berg
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Glucosinolates and their breakdown products provide resistance to herbivores and pathogens, are responsible for the typical flavour of mustards and cabbages, and play an important role in the protection against cancer. Thus, we can truly say that glucosinolates are ‘the spice of life’. The versatility of these phytochemicals is reflected by the diverse disciplines used to study them. Knowledge about glucosinolates and derived products provide insights on soil, plant and human health.

The interdisciplinary conference will be centred around four Themes, covering the full range of current basic and applied glucosinolate research;

  • Molecular and genetic aspects of glucosinolates
  • Ecology and evolution of glucosinolates
  • Glucosinolates and human health
  • Application of glucosinolates in agro- and food systems

Each Theme will be introduced by invited keynote speakers and followed by presentations selected from the participants. We explicitly aim to foster integration between the themes by having thematically mixed poster sessions. Each poster presenter will have the opportunity to highlight his or her poster in an oral ‘flash’ presentation.  Integration between the participants is further stimulated during the excursion and conference dinner on Tuesday.

We warmly invite you to join us for this conference.

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  • Sunday evening 12 October: Pre-registration, Keynote lecture, welcome drinks
  • Monday 13 October: Plenary sessions from 09.00 – 18.00 hours
  • Tuesday 14 October: Plenary sessions from 09.00 – 16.00 hours, followed by excursion and diner
  • Wednesday 15 October: Plenary sessions until 13.00 hours, lunch

Keynote Speakers

Organising Scientific Committee

Organising scientific committee

Registration costs and provision

Full fee Student fee
Untill 15 August 2014 475 325
After 16 August 2014 525 375

No special fee is available for a 1-day visit

Questions or remarks can be send to

The registration fees include:     

  • Access to the conference; full programme 12-15 October 2014
  • Coffee/tea/lunches during the conference
  • Use of wireless internet connection during the conference
  • Welcome Event on 12 October 2014
  • Conference Dinner on 14 October 2014

Terms and conditions for events

Payment terms

1. The participant in the Glucosinolates2014 conference at Conference Centre de Wageningsche Berg, will pay the organiser a participant’s fee as specified on the website  The total participation costs must be made as single payment:

a) 100% of the participation costs must be paid at the time of registration.

b) If the participation contract is dated less than 14 days prior to the start of the event, the participation costs must be paid immediately to the organiser.

c) The participant will ensure that the payment of the participant’s fee to the organiser is made on time (see 1a).

2. The participant is liable for all costs incurred by the organiser in connection with its participation, irrespective of whether these costs were incurred on behalf of the participant itself or a third party acting in its name.

3. If a participant fails to pay the amount owed within the specified period, the organiser is entitled to refuse it access to the event, without prejudice to the entitlement of the organiser to seek full payment of the said amount.

4. Payment by separate bank account or to receive a separate invoice is only possible by sending a request to the secretariat Payment can only be done during registration in the registration system when Ideal or Creditcard is used.

Cancellation terms

A. Cancellation terms participants

1. Registration cannot be unilaterally withdrawn or altered by the participant. Notice of cancellation must be in writing addressed to or Wageningen UR, Communication Services/ Events, P.O. Box 409, 6700 AK Wageningen, The Netherlands. If cancellation notice, for good reasons (force majeure), is sent:

  • before 01.09.2014 the participant will be refunded the full participation costs, less expenses
  • from 01.09.2014 to 01.10.2014, the participant will be refunded 50% of the full participation costs
  • from 01.10.2014 on, the participant is liable to pay 100% of the full participation costs.

2. The participant is liable to pay an administration fee which will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

3. A participant has the right in the case of cancellation to send a replacement, subject to sending a prior written request to the organisers. This replacement must belong to the company or organisation of the participant.

4. The organiser is entitled to withdraw proof of participation at any time and to deny the relevant person access to the event.

5. In the case of any right to restitution, payment will be made to the participant after the event.

B. Cancellation terms organisation

1. Should, in any case, for good reasons (force majeure) the conference -in total- be cancelled, the following will apply

  • Wageningen UR is not liable for any additional costs (i.e. travel-, hotel costs or any other) made by the participant for this conference.

Insurance terms

1. The organiser, directors, agents and personnel of the event or complex are not liable for loss of any kind resulting from damage to or the loss of property, nor for loss due to any other defects to the accommodation or surrounding land, nor for loss resulting from any disaster, or loss to property or persons howsoever else incurred.

2. The participant is itself liable for all loss of any kind caused in any way by its own act or omission or that of others, to property or persons who work for the organisers, and must indemnify the organisers and personnel against any third-party claim that could be brought against the organisers and the personnel. The participant must ensure prior to participation in the event that it is adequately insured.

Hotels and venue

For the conference “Glucosinolates2014” we arranged options to reserve a room at two hotels in Wageningen.

Conference Centre and Hotel De Wageningsche Berg:

Hotel and also venue for the “Glucosinolates2014”, 12-15 October 2014

This hotel opened last December and is situated at one of the most beautiful places of Wageningen. It overlooks the river Neder Rijn. The whole conference will be held here.

90 rooms in option for ' Glucosinolates2014'

The price per night including breakfast, excl. Tourist TAX for:

  • a single room € 75,-
  • a double room € 85,-

To obtain a room please mention the name of the conference “Glucosinolates2014”. Reservations can only be made by sending the reservation form by e-mail to

Download the registration form for Hotel De Wageningsche Berg

Hotel Hof van Wageningen: is situated in the centre of Wageningen.

50 rooms in option for ' Glucosinolates2014'

The price per night including breakfast, excl. Tourist TAX for:

  • a single room € 75,-
  • a double room € 92,00

To obtain a room please mention the name of the conference “Glucosinolates2014”. Reservations can only be made by sending the reservation form by e-mail to

Walking distance Hotel Hof van Wageningen – Hotel Wageningsche Berg approximately 20 minutes, bikes are available at the hotel.

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