Grasping Sustainability

Explore and understand sustainability, the different concepts, objectives and methodologies to improve the impact of your research

Organisator Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS)

ma 22 februari 2016 tot vr 26 februari 2016

How can you as a scientist contribute to solutions for urgent global and local sustainability challenges?
To date, many different scientific concepts and approaches of sustainability exist. What are the differences and what do they entail? How can you achieve sustainable development? How can you apply sustainability in your own research? Moreover, what is your role as a scientist and how can you deal with facts, insecurities, values and opinions?
This on-site course will enable you to grasp sustainability and to apply concepts and approaches to your own research, in a collaborative learning environment.
To ensure that the content of the course is aligned to your own research, the content of the course will also be determined by the research topics of the participants.