Gruene Woche 2017

Water, Food and Ecology is our focus in the Dutch Pavillion during the ‘Gruene Woche’ 2017 in Berlin. Our Water Food and Ecology Nexus approach is part of the Wageningen Water Programme. Other topics in the water programme are: Water in an Urbanising World, Sustainable use of the Marine Environment and Water Quality as a cross-cutting theme in the other three topics.

Organised by Gruene Woche

Fri 20 January 2017 until Sun 29 January 2017

Venue Messegelände, Berlijn

Water, Food and Ecology Nexus

Sustainable production and use of water, energy and food is essential for human well-being. Global projections indicate that demand for freshwater, food and energy will increase significantly over the next decades under the pressure of population growth and mobility, economic development, international trade, urbanization, diversifying diets, cultural and technological changes, and climate change (Hoff H., 2011).

Unless there are significant changes to the ways that we produce and consume, agricultural production will have to increase by about 70% by 2050 and about 50% more primary energy has to be made available by 2035. Such increases would have far-reaching implications for water and land resources. Climate change will aggravate pressure on resources and so add to the vulnerability of people and ecosystems, particularly in water scarce and marginal regions.

Wageningen University and Research supports a nexus approach that is needed to help climate mitigation measures (e.g. REDD+2 or CCS3) be more ‘water smart’, adaptation measures (e.g. irrigation) to be less energy intensive, and to avoid damaging consequences for food production and other vital ecosystem services (Hoff H., 2011).

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