‘¿Habla español?’

Forum, Room C103, 12:30-13:30 - If someone asks you ‘¿Habla español?’, how would you answer? This workshop can help. It would be going a bit far to say that you’ll be able to answer this question in the affirmative after this lunch workshop, but what you will be able to do, is introduce yourself in Spanish and say where you live, what kind of work you do and, at the very least, you’ll know a thing or two about the beautiful Spanish culture. So the next time someone asks ‘¿Habla español?' you’ll feel confident enough to say ‘Un poquito’ (a tiny bit)!

Organisator In'to Languages

di 10 april 2018 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Forum, building number 102
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
6708 PB Wageningen
Zaal/kamer C103