Hackaton: How to introduce True Potato Seeds in Africa

How can Solynta make its True Potato Seeds available to developing countries in a socially and economically responsible way, in order to contribute to feeding the world’s growing and often malnourished population? In the context of ‘Feeding the World’, Food Valley NL is organising a True Potato Seeds Hackathon together with Solynta, Wageningen UR, HAS Hogeschool, Van Hall Larenstein and SoilCares Foundation.

Organisator Food Valley NL, Solynta, Wageningen UR, HAS Hogeschool, Van Hall Larenstein and SoilCares Foundation

wo 9 september 2015

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Call to students to join

Students are invited for the True Potato Seeds Hackathon. Please join when you have a background in: Social entrepreneurship, plant sciences & plant biotechnology, soil analysis, food technology, (world) food security, international development studies, international business & trade, innovation strategies, intellectual property, geo-information sciences, ICT and ethics. During our True Potato Seeds Hackathon we are asking 36 students from different (applied) universities to come up with promising business models on introducing True Potato Seeds in Africa. Students are asked to work in interdisciplinary groups. Information can be found through the internet, but also by consulting experts who are present.


We have lent the term Hackaton from the world of computer programming: it represents a pressure-cooker event in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. However, our Hackathon is not about computer programming. Replace ‘collaborative computer programming’ with ‘creating new business models’ and you know what we are going to do on September 9.