Het potentieel van de Delphi methode voor het ontwikkelen van ranglijsten

Samenvatting (in Engels)

Nowadays rankings are everywhere. Nonetheless, the methodology of rankings receives little attention. This is worrisome, because how a ranking was developed influences ranking results. The development of rankings may be supported by the Delphi method: a structured group communication process in which data are collected from experts in several subsequent rounds with the aim of allowing these experts to achieve agreement on a particular topic. As the potential of the Delphi method for developing rankings had hardly been explored, this PhD thesis set-out to find an answer on the following general research question: What are the methodological challenges and opportunities of the Delphi method for
developing rankings? Six studies were conducted that together show how the Delphi method may be used to: (1) obtain a ranking of objects (e.g. cities) on a ranking attribute (e.g. urban sustainability), and (2) help define and measure complex ranking attributes (e.g. urban sustainability).