Higgs - 'Stand up Physics'

Lecture performance on 1 April by Jan van den Berg

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 1 April 2014 20:00 to 22:00

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

On 30 June 2012, somewhere on Sicily, Peter Higgs and Jan van den Berg are enjoying their lunch together, when the phone rings. Someone from CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research: ‘I think we have it. Can you come to Genève asap.’ Some days later, on the fourth of July, it is world news: the God-particle has been found!!! The 83- year old Higgs, who prophesied the particle in 1964, pinks away a tear.

Higgs is about this 50 year hunt for the Higgs particle. Many times Jan van den Berg descended in the underground CERN-lab and questioned Higgs hunters about their passion for the hunt. In this theatrical lecture he tells about it with exclusive background stories, unique film pictures and live dialogues with experts.

After the performance Jan van den Berg will do an interview with prof Piet Mulders from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the VU University in Amsterdam. (http://www.few.vu.nl/~PJG.Mulders/)

From the press: ‘Jan van den Berg manages to capture the significance, enormity and relevance of his subject in an easily accessible way.

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