I saw the sign (language)

Heerenstraattheater, 19:30-21:40, Films about deaf culture in the Netherlands and Uganda. Two documentaries will be shown: 'Doof Kind'; by Alex de Ronde, about his experiences of life with his own deaf son; and 'New Hope School for the Deaf', about a school for deaf children in Uganda. The latter is a local production by a Ugandan artist and has been produced especially for Talking Hands, a foundation that supports deaf children and youth in Uganda. The films will be introduced and connected to each other by means of a discussion. Talking Hands will give a presentation on their work in Uganda. As a fundraising element, Ugandan crafts will be sold and there will be a donation box. Apart from the discussion, there is an interactive part in the programme in the shape of a crash course Dutch sign language, provided by the organisation Gebaar Ede.

Organisator Heerenstraat theater

di 10 april 2018 19:30 tot 21:40

Locatie Heerenstraat theater, Wageningen
Prijs € 7,00