Ice Skating Experience

Organisator Wageningen University

vr 15 januari 2016

Even though it is raining a lot these days and the temperatures are above 0 ℃ again, do you get the chilling feeling of wanting to go ice skating? Soon you can! On the 15th of January 2016 SWU Thymos will organise an Ice Skating Experience. We will leave for a 3km long outdoor track called Flevonice in Biddinghuizen. There you can go ice skating for 3 hours!

Are you not that experienced and do you want to learn how to ice skate? Free lessons are provided by Student Ice Skating Association ‘IJzersterk’. Whether you are experienced and you want to go for a few rounds yourself, or you have never done it before and you want some tips and tricks to learn this fun sport, everybody is welcome to join! Participation will cost €13.50 with sport rights and €16.00 without sport rights. Prices include transportation, lessons and entrance fee. Don’t have your own skates? No problem, you can rent them at Flevonice for €6.50.

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