Industry by Nature - Karlijn Sibbel


Industry by Nature - Karlijn Sibbel

As a creative researcher, I’m interested in providing a new perspective on materials and production processes. I’m fascinated by the growing overlap and opportunities for collaboration between scientists and designers.

Organisator Impulse

vr 15 januari 2016 tot vr 19 februari 2016

In my project ‘Industry by Nature’ I’m collaborating with bio-process engineers from WageningenUR and my former chemistry teacher. In this project I’m doing research how to manipulate the growth of natural resources to induce them to adopt certain shapes. I have been studying the possibilities of growing algae for instance in tube-shaped moulds and I have been looking into the idea of growing salt crystals into 3-dimensional shapes through manipulated growth. By regulating elements I’m able to manipulate the growth of these resources.

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