Information Session HOW TO COOK A MOOC

Wageningen UR has joined edX and in January 2015 the first two MOOCs will start: “Introduction to Nutrition- Food for Health” by Sander Kersten and “Growing our future food: crops” by Ken Giller and his team. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses: They are available for everyone, everywhere, online and free.

Organisator Ulrike Wild, Director online learning, Education Institute

do 27 november 2014 16:00 tot 18:30

Locatie Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
+31 317-482828

You wonder:

  • What is a MOOC? -    What is edX?
  • Why are we making a free online open course?
  • What does a MOOC look like?
  • How do you develop one?

Then watch the recording of the session - Ulrike, Sander, Ken and his team will tell you more about it!

After answering the general questions mentioned above, both teams of our first MOOCs will tell you more about their MOOC. This will not only include the content of the MOOC and why it is interesting to follow but also how they made the MOOC, what their motivation was to be involved in the MOOCs and what their MOOC can do for Wageningen University and its overall mission to “explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life”.