Internship Colloquium Geerten Horn

A global flood risk assessment has been performed to assess present and future flood risk in cities based on climate change and socio-economic devlopment. This study gives a rapid assessment to indicate where and to what extent cities are affected by river floods.

Organised by Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management

Fri 20 March 2015 10:00 to 10:30

Venue Lumen, gebouwnummer 100
Room Lumen 2

Hydraulic and morphologic analyses on minimalizing future deltaic losses

Most deltas in the world, are subjected to land loss because sediment demand is larger than supply. This is caused by anthropogenic influences, decreasing flood plain sizes by levees and reducing sediment supply to the river by agriculture and construction of reservoirs. Due to future sea level rise and effects of subsidence further land losses are expected for the coming centuries. By performing analyses with 1D hydraulic models, measures to minimalize land loss effects are developed and tested. Combining the 1D analysis with simple sediment budget models effects concerning land building, river sediment budget and shoaling are put to the test. Overall a plan is presented which can minimalize future deltaic land loss.