Invitation mini-symposium Sustainability of Producing Animal Proteins & informal farewell to Roel Bosma

Organisator Aquaculture and Fisheries, Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS)

do 5 september 2019 14:30

Locatie Zodiac, building number 122
De Elst 1
6708 WD Wageningen
Zaal/kamer A0107

Wageningen University & Research is pleased to invite you to the symposium and farewell reception of Roel Bosma.

After a research period at the Animal Production Systems group, Roel started in 2008 at the Aquaculture and Fisheries group where he enjoyed more than 10 years of research.
Starting September 8 he will retire.

You are cordially invited to join his mini-symposium and the reception afterwards in room A0107 of Zodiac in Wageningen.

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