Japan: Sake tasting and the Kimono story - FULL

Impulse, 20:00-22:00 - Learn about Japan’s most famous drink and the secrets of its refined traditional dress.

Organised by Yokoso Wageningen-Japanese welcome group

Mon 3 April 2017 20:00 to 22:00

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Room Speakers Corner

Find out more about the history of Japan’s most famous drink, the differences in production and, most of all, the wide variety in taste. The connoisseurs of Yoigokochi Sake Importers selected their finest sake for this tasting session. A unique opportunity to discover a world that is at least as rich as that of Belgian beer and French wine. Then a group of Japanese students will introduce us to the world of the Kimono, the traditional Japanese dress for women and men. Different types of Kimono are used depending on age, marital status and the level of formality of the occasion. Men wear the Kimono most often at weddings, tea ceremonies, and other very special or very formal occasions. And there is a simplified version for everyday life called Yukata, which will also be modelled. There is place for max. 50 participants.

Registration for this event is no longer possible, as this event is FULL.

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