June 30 - July 4: Zoonoses: one health, one medicine

'Zoonoses: one health, one medicine' is the summer conference 2014 organised by SFAM, Society for Applied Microbiology. CVI researchers Dik Mevius and Wim van der Poel are two of many speakers.

Organisator SFAM

ma 30 juni 2014 tot vr 4 juli 2014

Locatie Grand Hotel Brighton (UK)

The meeting is held from Monday June 30 – Thursday July 4rd in Brighton, UK in collaboration Med-Vet-Net Association. CVI is an active participant in the Association; Hendrik-Jan Roest, head of CVI’s Department of Bacteriology and TSEs, is board member.

The program includes several sessions:

  • Risk research
  • Host pathogen interactions
  • Epidemiology and surveillance with a presentation by prof. dr. Dik Mevius on ‘Preventing EBSLs in the food chain’
  • Detection and control of neglected and emerging zoonoses with a presentation by prof. dr. Wim van der Poel on ‘Detection of new and emerging zoonotic viruses (including food borne)’
  • A separate ‘student session’ is a good platform for PhD students and young scientists

Abstracts can be submitted till March 14 2014.