Annet Kempenaar presents at the 'Shaping Regional Futures' Conference

The international conference SHAPING REGIONAL FUTURES: DESIGNING AND VISIONING IN GOVERNANCE RESCALING discusses the role of regional design and visioning in the formation of regional territorial governance. The conference aims at an increased understanding of how practices, engaged with the imagination of possible futures, support the creation of of institutional capacity for strategic spatial planning at regional scales.

Organisator University of Florance, TU Delft, Munich University of Technology

do 18 mei 2017 tot vr 19 mei 2017

Locatie Florance Italy

Focus of the are two prepositions:

  1. By recognising and understanding spatial dynamics within metropolitan regions regional design and visioning seek to go beyond administrative boundaries.
  2. The imagination of possible spatial futures through regional design and visioning contributes to shared planning agendas which seek connect broader planning objectives with concrete spatial interventions.

Discussions around these two prepositions and case studies concerning processes of strategic spatial planning in several European cities are expected to lead to a more profound understanding of how design, visioning and governance rescaling are interrelated.