Knowledge Day Substrate


Knowledge Day Substrate

The theme of the 6th Knowledge Day Substrate is diversification of systems and substrates. Speakers will explain the relation between growing systems and substrates, influencing the microlife in the substrate and supplying the right amount of water and nutrients at the right moment.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, BU Glastuinbouw

do 12 april 2018 14:45 tot 20:00

Locatie Bleiswijk
Violierenweg 1
2665 MV Bleiswijk
+31 317 485 606

The number of growing systems emerges, partly because of new crops, partly to other application methods such as outdoor strawberries, balcony systems and new irrigation systems. It looks if each growing system needs its own substrate. Speakers will explain properties of a substrate for a specific system and how basic properties of system and substrate will determine the result of the combination.

The programme is under construction, speakers will discuss a newly designed system for apples, the combination of substrate and system in the cultivation of freesia, raising and cultivation of blackberries. Besides attention will be paid for the steering of micro-organisms in the substrate, the application of growth stimulants and the potentials to change microlife around the roots and to disturb the communication of unwished organisms. Another topic will be the control of substrate humidity and EC in pot plants.


Before and after the presentations there is extensive time for networking and discussion about innovations and actual matters. The Knowledge Day Substrate aims at specialists of suppliers, consultants, laboratories and manufacturers of substrate. However interested growers are welcome as well.

The costs for participation are €125, this includes a buffet. The day starts at 14:45h and will be closed with a buffet around 20:30h, presentations will be in Dutch.

At the end of February subscriptions will be opened. Save the date!