LAS Species specific course on fish (September 2020)

Organised by Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS)

Wed 16 September 2020 until Fri 18 September 2020

Venue Carus, gebouwnummer 120
Bornse Weilanden 5
6708 WG Wageningen
0317-48 39 52

Objective of the course

The objective of this module is to present basic and appropriate biology, care, health and management of fish, recognition of pain, suffering and distress in these animals and minimally invasive procedures to be applied on these animals. This course meets the standards for the species specific education and training requirements for persons designing projects and procedures for fish.

Target group

Researchers who wish to design and execute animal experiments.

After successful completion of the basic course and species specific course, you will be qualified to design procedures and projects and to execute simple procedures on these animals. Further skills have to be obtained by working under supervision until competence is demonstrated. Only then are you allowed to work with animals independently.

Prior knowledge

The Species Specific Course is an extension of the Basic course on Laboratory Animal Science (LAS). It is preferable you do the Basic Course first, but not mandatory. Link to the Basic Course:  

    Learning Goals

    Learning outcomes are in accordance with the EC Training and Education Document relating to Directive EU/2010/63,

    The species-specific course includes the following modules:

    3.1 Basic and appropriate biology

    4. Animal care, health and management (theory)

    5. Recognition of pain, suffering and distress

    7. Minimally invasive procedures (theory)

    8. Minimally invasive procedures – species specific (skills)