Landscape scene investigation

Who creates the Dutch landscape?

Organisator Landscape architecture

di 17 februari 2015 19:15

Locatie Gaia, building number 101
Droevendaalsesteeg 3
6708 PB Wageningen
+31 317 48 16 00

From the official website:

The act of planning and designing outdoor spaces and regional landscape is in transition. If we go beyond the usual suspects of planners and architects who help to create the Dutch landscape, we find professionals as marketeers, photographers and entrepreneurs. They shape the landscape with different means than we are used to. Besides this, we also perceive and value landscape differently. During this event, Landscape Scene Investigation, different perspectives on landscape will be presented. We invite 3 professionals who utilize landscape in a certain way or contribute to place-making. A photographer, a landscape architect and a marketing consultant will present their projects and how they contribute to the Dutch landscape. The overall question of the evening is, who makes, creates and owns the Dutch landscape?

Speakers: J. Huisman (photographer), L. Roodbol (marketing consultant of bureau Buhrs), H. van Lieshout (architect at Architectural Things)

Moderator: M. Duineveld (assistant professor cultural geography)