Living Abroad: Intercultural Communication

Lecture by Geert van de Ven on Wednesday 5 March

Organised by Studium Generale

Wed 5 March 2014

Living Abroad
Promised Land or Scary Country?

The over 8.000 students at Wageningen University emerge from more than 100 countries. Many of the Dutch students leave The Netherlands during their studies.
This series was composed with an international group of students. Join us in learning and sharing our experiences about living abroad.

Intercultural Communication
Geert van de Ven, Radboud in’to Languages

Should a newcomer in a culture refer to the information listed in Lonely Planet? Or to the feelings and intuitions he gets when meeting people in everyday life? Knowledge may lead to keen reasoning, but in a negative way it is reduced to cliché. Intuitive sensitivity, in turn, could be defined as delicate tactfulness or as free-floating emotions.
Geert van de Ven looks at culture from the perspective of this dichotomy. What stereotypes exist about the Dutch, for example? What are well known dos and don’ts? How useful and necessary is the sensitive approach? And finally: how do we find the right mix, to make intercultural meetings adventurous, challenging and rich.