Luck and Happiness

The road to a happier life is available in each bookstore. Self-help gurus offer their guides for a few euros. Don’t worry, be happy. But is happiness that easy?

Organisator Studium Generale

wo 10 juni 2015 20:00

Locatie Impulse
Psychologist and Happiness researcher Ad Bergsma will explore the relationships between luck and happiness. Is it true that outgoing people encounter more luck, because their "sunny outlook" influences their overall behaviour? Is the Pygmalion Effect (self-fulfilling prophecy of good omen) real and probably involved with being and feeling lucky? Can we escape pain and sadness with optimism and positive thinking, or do negative emotions serve an important function in our lives? We might need a bit of luck to be happy.

Series: Luck

Many events, big and small, can be considered lucky. Catching the bus with seconds to spare. Winning a lottery. Finding twenty euros in a pocket at the end of the month. However, do you consider yourself lucky for being born in a wealthy family? Are you lucky when, out of multiple applicants, you are chosen for a job? Where to draw the line between luck and hard work? Is belief in luck and superstition more prevalent where there is less control over a situation? Can we influence our luck, or only the way we perceive the event?

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