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Lunch concert: 't Venster

On March 1 't Venster is performing a lunch concert with violin!

Organisator Impulse

di 1 maart 2016 12:30 tot 13:30

J.H. Schmelzer (1664) Sonata 4 from 6 sonates for violin and continuo Tranquillo-sarabande-adagio-gigue-adagio-allegro-presto
A. Corelli (1703) Sonate 7 from 12 sonates for violin en bass opus 5 Preludio:vivace, corrente:allegro, sarabande:largo, giga:presto
G.F. Händel (1749) Musick for the royal fireworks, Overture, bouree, largo alla siciliana, allegro, menuet 1 en 2
P. Hindemith (1924) Sonate opus 31 no.2 for violin solo…Es ist so schönes Wetter draussen…. Liecht bewegte Viertel - ruhig bewegte Achtel -gemächliche Viertel - leicht bewegt (5Variatonen über “Komm, lieber Mai”)
Hans Vader
Hans Vader

Hans Vader and Nico Lammersen are both baroque era/period instrument specialists and teach at `t Venster in Wageningen.

In 17th. century music you hear the seeking for new ways of expression; the 18th. century already shows a mature use of instrument and technique without the obligatory showing of all the possibilities just discovered. After 1910 conventions were broke down and a new language gave new inspiration.