Lunch lecture "Restoration of tropical landscapes: Past experiences and new hypotheses”

Wageningen International is pleased to invite students and staff of Wageningen UR to attend a lunch presentation given by Dr. Louis Verchot, Director of Soils Research at CIAT, Colombia

Organisator Impulse

do 22 september 2016 12:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
CIAT has a long history of research of support restoration of degraded agricultural and forest lands in the tropics from across its research programmes.  There is renewed interest in the problem internationally, and CIAT has a number of initiatives like the Bonn Challenge and some regional programmes in responses to the challenge, like 20 x 20 in Latin America and AF100 in Africa.  CIAT decided to develop a new and coordinated research effort on land restoration in degraded tropical landscapes.  Past research efforts have developed some technical approaches to land restoration, some of which are being applied in landscape projects.  They have also analyzed the economic and policy contexts that lead to degradation.  CIAT has positive experiences with these efforts as well as some cautionary tales.  In this presentation, Louis Verchot will present these experiences and draw from them to propose some overarching hypotheses to guide an international research effort to support regional and national initiatives and to guide donor/investor support.