Lunch meeting ‘Appetizer’

Appetizer is an exhibition project with an intense public program, stemming from the collaboration of the World Soil Museum, the artist Masha Ru and Impulse. It will take place in 2018, and is going to be a multisite exhibition about soils, their connection with food, and their role as food. On Monday, 2nd of October 2017, a few months before the exhibition a presentation of the project with a soil tasting will take place @Impulse during lunchtime.

Organisator Impulse

ma 2 oktober 2017 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

One of the main goals of Appetizer is to gather various participants from the Wageningen Campus to discuss the subject of geophagy from different points of view. If you are interested to participate or just want to know more you are most welcome during this lunch meeting.

Geophagy is the practice of eating earth or soil-like materials, such as clay and chalk. This is scientifically researched. The importance of touching or eating earth exists in many cultures. In Africa, South America, and Asia, geophagy is still a common cultural, spiritual or healing practice. The topic of geophagy is related to food and nutrition. It sparks interest and discussion as most of the food produced on land derives its nutrients from the soil. By skipping various steps in the food production chain and consuming the source of the nutrients directly, by eating soil, various questions may come up. Such as: What is the effect of eating clay on the human body? What are the effects on health and associated possible risks? What is the cultural and social background of eating clay?