Lunchconcert Duo Creemers & Rüttgers - ArtEZ in Residence

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, Impulse

di 24 april 2018

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Teun Creemers

“All throughout my studies and after graduating from the conservatory of Arnhem I have worked hard to be an all-rounder in music. Simply because leaning too much towards one style in music can become boring over time.
Because of this wide interest in music I have always played in a variety of different bands with styles including pop, soul, jazz, funk, world, blues and rock.As well as playing various styles I also like to focus on writing music for many of the ensembles I play with. Whether it be for the bands I initiated myself or those from fellow musicians I have always found ways to put my creativity to use by writing music.”

Philipp Rüttgers

He has a gift expressing emotions of our everyday life through music, creating his very personal style of colours and sounds. Praised as a renewal mind of music, an excellent composer and a virtuosic but tender pianist, Philipp crosses different genres with ease propelling music to a guaranteed excitement.

“I aim to express the frustrations, uncertainties, and the inner fight between ourselves, our brain, our body and our surroundings, while also showing the positiveness and joy in our lives. Comprehending the numerous deficiencies of our society is a task we all have to engage willingly or unwillingly. I create music and hope to contribute this way to a better place” he explained.

Philipp recorded through the last years ten CD's and two Vinyls and is beside his own Music Laboratory active with the KA MA Quartet + Nippy Noya, The Cronometers Orchestra and leader of the Phat Cool Big Band. Those collaborations led him to perform at major stages in Holland like the North Sea Jazz Festival, Bimhuis, Jazz in Duketown, Jazz International Rotterdam / Nijmegen or in Germany the A-Trane, Unterfahrt, and Jazzahead.

Teun Creemers, bas  

Philipp Rüttgers, piano