Lunchlezing: Nature Today; Your gateway to global societal impact!?

Organisator Impulse, Leerstoelgroep Milieusysteemanalyse

wo 13 april 2016 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

80% of the WUR employees considers their research to be interesting for a non-specialist public and 78% is interested to communicate their research at an international scale. So why did 40% of our colleagues not send out a press release in the last two years and 20% only one? Lack of time, funding and skills are mentioned as important factors that limit their communication to the public. In his presentation Arnold van Vliet will provide more results of a recent questionnaire on societal communication by WUR employees. He will furthermore explain how his new website Naturetoday.com is an interesting tool for scientists that support them in frequent and effective communication of their research to the general public within and outside the Netherlands. He will also explain how he managed to reach almost 2 billion times someone via mass media in the past 15 years.

Small lunch is included.