Alumni meeting

Meet & Greet with Alumni - Career Day - 5 February 2019

During the Career Day on Tuesday February 5, 20 students and recent graduates had the opportunity to talk with different alumni about what they can expect when they will finish their study and enter the job market Questions like “How can I know which internship or job fits my competencies best and how to best prepare for applying for that?” and “Do you think by doing a PhD you will have a better career than not doing a PhD?” and also “How do you find your first job if you do not have any relevant work experience?”.

Organised by University Fund Wageningen

Tue 5 February 2019

Seven alumni from different backgrounds and career paths shared their experiences with the students during the Career Day.

Alumna Carolien van Loo, Human Nutrition & Health 1997-2002, PhD research project at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, department of Gastroenterology, and now Open Innovation Manager at Yili, talked with 7 students.

Her advice to students is: ”Go to any event to meet different persons, also outside of your own network, and get pieces of information which you need to understand what kind of job fits your personality the most. During your first jobs, you will learn what kinds of activities you like to do the most and what kind of job you are looking for and how to get optimal work happiness”.

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