Microalgae for quality of life - Network and site visit at AlgaePARC

Can microalgae play a role in your research? Join the site visit and network event at AlgaePARC on Monday 1 July. Topics will include applications for Food, Feed, Biofertilizers, Wastewater treatment and more fundamental scientific topics, such as, cell metabolism, strain development and processing. Socio-economic aspects for microalgae applications and innovations will be highlighted.

Organised by WUR - Sharing Research Facilities & Bioprocess Engineering

Mon 1 July 2019 16:00 to 17:30

Venue Nergena, gebouwnummer 112
Price description Free

For whom

Are you working on one of the above mentioned topics, and want to see and discuss the possibilities for Microalgae in (upcoming) research? This event is aimed at researchers and business developers of WUR, NIOO and start-ups.


16.00 Short introduction on Sharing Research Facilities

16.05 Introduction on Microalgae

16.15 Start of tour AlgaePARC

17.15 Wrap up and drinks

17.45 Closure

Algae Research and AlgaePARC at WUR

At the Bioprocess Engineering group sustainable processes for cost-effective and sustainable conversion of sunlight into functional products by photosynthetic micro-organisms are developed.

AlgaePARC is a large multidisciplinary research program which integrates the entire microalgae and cyanobacteria process chain, the program is underpinned by an economic and sustainability assessment of the entire chain. Lab- and pilot scale technologies are developed, thereby moving from an initial idea to the production processes that deliver competitive and innovative processes and products. In this way AlgaePARC bridges the gap between fundamental research and applications.

Sharing Research Facilities

Sharing Research Facilities provide researchers the opportunity to use the advanced research equipment of Wageningen University & Research. The facilities are open to all researchers from universities, research institutes and companies.