Mindful towards Transition - V2

The workshop is especially designed by WUR for its international students.

Adjusting to Dutch culture, student life and even the Dutch weather might be difficult when coming from a very different background. This workshop is aimed at creating the space and opportunity to share common feelings that students experience when they decide to study far away from their home countries, family and friends, having a different school/health care system, and the lack of a supportive network.

Organised by Student Training & Support
Duration 11,18,25 February and 4 March 2021 from 18:30-20:30 h
Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Depending on Corona measures in Impulse (preferance) or ONLINE

“Mindful Towards Transition” is the new version of the previous “Lost in Transition” workshop. In this new edition, more attention will be given to the mindfulness aspect that helps in coping with these difficult feelings. It will be a safe space to share experience, and to practice being more present, aware and kind to ourselves. 

Group size: max 10 students

Course duration: 4 sessions of 2 hours

Preferably these will be face to face sessions, but depends on the actual Corona measures if we need to proceed online.


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