Mini- symposium: Evaluating anthropogenic changes in thropical forests

On the occasion of Peter Groenendijk’s PhD thesis defence, the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group has organized a lunchtime symposium on anthropogenic changes in tropical forests.
Prof. Yadvinder Malhi from the University of Oxford is one of the speakers.

All interested persons are cordially invited.
Coffee/tea will be served. Please bring your own lunch.

Organised by Forest Ecology and Forest Management

Fri 20 February 2015 12:30 to 14:00

Venue Lumen, gebouwnummer 100
Room 1;


12:30-12:40   Pieter Zuidema - Introduction/ welcome

12:40-13:00   Yadvinder Malhi -Tropical forests in the Anthropocene

13:00-13:20   Peter Groenendijk - Long-term trends in tropical tree growth: Insights from tree-ring analysis

13:20-13:40   Martin Herold - Human induced forest changes in the tropics: an Earth Observations perspective

13:40-14:00   Lourens Poorter/ Marielos Peña - Diversity and biomass dynamics in natural and  human-modified tropical forests

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