Mini symposium: Fishing effects on marine ecosystems

15.00  Welcome

Prof dr Adriaan Rijnsdorp (Aquaculture ad Fisheries - WUR & IMARES)

15.05   Ecosystem effects of bottom trawling

Daniël van Denderen (Aquaculture and Fisheries - WUR & IMARES)

15.25   Characteristic sizes of life in the oceans, from bacteria to whales

Prof dr Ken Andersen (DTU-Aqua, Copenhagen, Denmark)

15.45   The use of life-history traits of benthos to detect fisheries effects’

Prof dr Peter Herman  & dr Olivier Beauchard (NIOZ, Yerseke)

16.05   When toxicants may impact population dynamics of fish populations 

Prof dr Tinka Murk (Marine Animal Ecology - WUR)

16.25   Can more be less? Ecological limits to fish stock recovery

Dr Tobias van Kooten  (IMARES)

16.45   Discussion

17.00  End