Mini symposium: Nutrition and cognition

On Friday October 17th at 1.30PM our PhD student Nikita van der Zwaluw will defend her thesis entitled “Nutrients and cognition in older adults. Studies on the role of glucose, sucrose, protein, vitamin B12 and folic acid”. On the occasion of this defence we organize a mini symposium on the same day with several international and national speakers.

Organised by Human Nutrition & Health

Fri 17 October 2014 09:00 to 11:30

Theme: Nutrition and Cognition
Chairs: Frans Kok and Lisette de Groot
9.00-9.15 Prof Frans Kok – Introduction
9.15-9.40 Dr Ondine van de Rest (WUR) – Nutrition and cognition in older adults
9.40-10.05 Prof Martha Claire Morris (Rush University Medical Center) - Trials and observational studies in nutrition and ageing research
10.05-10.20 Break
10.20-10.45 Prof Monique Breteler (DZNE, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases) - Imaging in nutrition and brain research
10.45-11.10 Dr Stefanie Kremer (WUR) - Taste and smell in older adults in relation to nutrition and cognitive impairment
11.10 Prof Lisette de Groot - Closure

Attendance is free. If you would like to attend please register by sending an email to:

The thesis defence at 1.30PM is public and will take place in the Aula of Wageningen University (Generaal Foulkesweg 1, Wageningen).
Feel free to forward this message to people who might be interested.