Mining into interspecific bacterial interactions


Mining into interspecific bacterial interactions

Promovendus O (Olaf) Tyc
Promotor prof.dr. W (Wietse) de Boer
Copromotor dr. P. Garbeva
Organisatie Wageningen University

vr 23 september 2016 11:00 tot 12:30

Locatie Auditorium, building number 362
Generaal Foulkesweg 1
6703 BG Wageningen

This thesis research focused on the importance of interactions between soil bacterial species for the induction of antibiotic production. To accomplish this a high-through-put screening method was developed.

Several pairs of soil bacterial species that showed induction of antimicrobial activity were subjected to detailed analysis. Distinct compounds that were only produced in mixtures of bacterial species were identified.

The antimicrobial activity of interacting bacteria and compounds were tested against a range of human and plant pathogens. The screening of interacting bacteria is a promising “tool” for the discovery of novel antimicrobial and agro-chemical compounds.