Mobile installation ‘Hydrological Corridor’

The Hydrological Corridor is the culmination of Peter Westerveld’s life work. The work brings together photographs made by Peter over the forty years that he spent in Africa, detailed technical drawings which he developed over the last decade, and map images that he learnt to create via Google Earth in the more recent years.

Organisator Impulse

wo 9 december 2015 tot di 5 januari 2016

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

These images hang on natural bamboo which is bound together with copper wire to create a long mobile. As people walk  around and view the elements of the mobile, the small amount of energy creates ripples of movement across the mobile, mimicking the effect that wind has on environment- man’s ability to create an imbalance in a once balanced system.

The elements of this work come together to collectively display the consequences of man’s systematic use and abuse of the environment. The work does not merely highlight the systemic problems that man has created within the environment, but also provides a simple solution to these problems.

This exhibition is part of the documentary on Peter Westerveld ‘The man who wanted to change the world’ and the discussion which will be held on Dec 15th in Impulse:

10:30h Documentary
12:00h Break
12:30 Discussion
13:30h Closure