Monitoring tropical forest dynamics using Landsat time series and community-based data


The issue of deforestation in the tropics has gained considerable attention in past years due to concerns about climate change and biodiversity loss. With this attention has come a drive to derive advanced methods to measure and monitor tropical forests over time. Satellite data play a key role in monitoring tropical forests, as they allow us to view large forest areas over time. With ever-increasing sources of satellite data, it is possible to track changes in tropical forests with increasingly high accuracy. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty when dealing with subtle, diffuse and small-scale changes. For this purpose, community-based monitoring data have the potential to enhance the monitoring of tropical forests. Integrating community-based monitoring data has the added advantage of empowering communities and engaging them in the monitoring off their own forest resources. The research in this thesis describes technical approaches that seek to make maximum use of the wealth of satellite data in combination with community-based data to enhance the monitoring of tropical forests over time.