Mudflat walking

Organisator Wageningen University

vr 1 juni 2018

Would you like to enjoy the nature by taking a walk through and along the Wadden sea? Then join us on June the 1st at our Mudflat walking Experience, a unique Dutch experience! It’s going to be a beautiful walk, during which we will get information about the landscape, tide, soil life and birds. And if we are really lucky, we will even see seals! Since mudflat walking is very dependent of the tide, we will already leave at 14:00 from Wageningen to collectively travel to Noordpolderzijl. The walk will take around three hours, after which we will be back in Wageningen around 01:00.

The costs for this experience are €27 for people with sport rights and €34 for people without sport rights. In return you get transport to Friesland and back, an amazing daytrip and guidance from certified mudflat walking guides!

You can subscribe up to and including April the 25th and your subscription will be complete once you transfer the subscription fee to NL66 RABO 0367 0126 26 in the name of SWU Thymos stating ‘name + mudflat walking’.