NSC Knotsball (National Student Championships)

Organisator Wageningen University

za 4 maart 2017 13:00 tot 22:00

Can you just not get enough of playing knotsball in the Thymos Internal Competitions? Or have you already won de competitions and want to prove that you are not only the best of Wageningen but also the best of the Netherlands? Than subscribe now for the NSC knotsball!

On the 4th of March the NSC knotsball will take place. The tournament will start at 13:00 and you will be competing against teams from other cities! You can sign up using this link.

The costs will be € 7.50 per person. In return you will get an entire day full of knotsball fun and dinner is included! Afterwards there is the opportunity to party with the teams of other student cities!
So help us prove that Wageningen is the best in playing knotsball by participating in the tournament!