One Health Training school on the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae this summer in Greece

The poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae (PRM) poses a significant threat to egg-laying hens in many parts of the world. Though PRM has historically been regarded as avian specific, recent reviews confirm increasing incidence of PRM attacks on humans. This summer the COST action COREMI organise a One Health Training school on the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae.

Organisator Wageningen Livestock Research

ma 31 juli 2017 tot do 3 augustus 2017

Locatie Nafsika Palace, 6 Heroon Str, 33200 Itea Phokis, Greece

The Training School intends to bring the study of D. gallinae to a multidisciplinary audience under the One Health approach. The trainees will be trained through multifaceted and realistic problems provided by the trainers. The course aims to

▪ widen the cross‐sectoral knowledge on the pathological manifestations in humans associated with exposure to poultry red mite (PRM) and its control measures

▪ provide training on the reliable and effective strategies that could be used to increase the awareness of veterinarians, clinicians, health care officials, poultry farmers and the public on human health risks related to Dermanyssus gallinae

▪ encourage interactions among medical doctors, veterinarians, academic and industrial researchers, public and occupational health officers

▪ disseminate the outcome (position paper, editorial, leaflet, etc) to improve well‐being through risk prevention and management.

The goals are to help the attendees develop flexible knowledge and effective problem solving skills through collaboration and intrinsic motivation. The trainees will work in groups in order to identify what they know, what they need to know, how to critically evaluate the available information and to proceed to the resolution of the problem.


Academic, industrial and health services investigators (from countries participating in the COST Action FA1404) in

▪ veterinary medicine (any field related to D. gallinae)

▪ medicine (dermatologists, allergists, pulmonologists, internal medicine, etc)

▪ biomedical and life sciences (any field related to D. gallinae investigation, disease diagnosis & translational research)


Basic knowledge on ANY of the following: D. gallinae; mite control measures; human health diagnosis & related procedures; epidemiology; dissemination strategies


TYPE: 4 days, problem‐based course

DATES: Monday 31 July 2017 – Thursday 3 August 2017

TIME SCHEDULE: 1st day 19.00‐21.00; 2nd‐4th day 08.30‐19.00 with breaks

VENUE: Nafsika Palace, 6 Heroon Str, 33200 Itea Phokis, Greece

HOST INSTITUTION: Department of Pharmacology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Greece

Researchers, PhD students, Medical doctors and Veterinarians are kindly asked to apply for this Training school (deadline March 31 2017). Please check the PDF-files below for more information and the selection procedure of the trainees.