One World Week Lecture: Super-diversity

The melting pot of Wageningen UR is very diverse with its multitude of students from various nationalities and cultures. Not only in Wageningen, but especially in metropolitan areas we witness the emergence of ‘super-diversity’: a situation where there is no ethnic majority anymore, only a variety of minorities.

Organisator Studium Generale

di 5 april 2016 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Dr. Baukje Prins will reflect upon the implications of this super-diversity for everyday interaction and communication. She will especially assess the meaning and relevance of the notion of ‘culture’, and indicate how we can enhance the enriching sides of super-diversity and minimize its negative implications. For this she will share with us some of the remarkable findings of a long-term research project that she is currently involved in on group dynamics in international classrooms in higher education.

Dr. Baukje Prins taught women’s studies, cultural studies, and social and political philosophy at several Dutch universities. Since 2009 she holds a chair in Citizenship and Diversity at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Her current research focuses on microdynamics of everyday life in superdiverse settings. Her latest book publications are: Superdivers! Alledaagse omgangsvormen in de grootstedelijke samenleving (Superdiverse! Everyday interaction in urban society) De Haagse Hogeschool/Eburon 2013, and Gemengde gevoelens. Molukse en Nederlandse klasgenoten in de Jaren zestig (Mixed feelings. Moluccan and Dutch classmates in the 1960s), Van Gennep 2014.