Alumni meeting

Online DEAN Alumni Event Switzerland - 4 June 2020

On Thursday 4 June at 20.00 hrs you are invited to join alumni in Switzerland as part of a special online event and borrel for our DEAN communities in the country.

Organised by The Dutch Engineer Alumni Network (DEAN)

Thu 4 June 2020 20:00 to 21:30

The interactive evening programme includes brief updates from the universities, followed by a short talk by TU Delft alumna Bryony Jansen-van Tuyll van Serooskerken (Industrial Design Engineering) on the challenges and opportunities of circularity in the global fashion industry.

Per tradition, our gathering concludes with a virtual borrel (BYOB) where you and fellow alumni living in Geneva, Zurich and other parts of Switzerland will be mixed with each other to maximize interactions and stimulate conversations! Make sure to also bring some snacks and drinks for the borrel!

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Stay safe, stay healthy and we hope to see many of you on Thursday 4 June.

Short talk | Circularity in the global fashion industry

After working as a consultant on projects related to growth strategies and innovation, Bryony decided to incorporate sustainability as a key component of her work.

In 2018, Bryony co-founded Good Brand Guru which facilitates knowledge sharing among sustainability experts and professionals in the fashion industry. Her aim is to infuse better practices throughout the value chain in that sector.

During her brief talk, Bryony will share how openness, collaboration and circular economic thinking can bring about positive change in the fashion industry known for its competitiveness, complex supply chains, and fixed practices.

Registration is closed

Registration is closed.

Please note that this event is a pilot. We would appreciate your feedback on this event, so we can use this experience for future virtual events. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please feel free to reach out! (

Why do Alumni Offices organise this online event?

For alumni who are living outside of their own countries, alumni networks such as DEAN can be extremely useful resources for tapping into fellow alumni for advice and support particularly during crisis periods.

The new online event format has been developed to enhance local connections between alumni and is an addition to the existing channel the LinkedIn Group DEAN Switzerland and newly city based WhatsApp Groups

What can you expect | Positive comments from alumni who have already joined an online alumni event

This event follows other successful virtual events hosted over the past 8 weeks for alumni in the Nordics, Spain, France, Germany & East Coast USA/Canada. Here are some comments from alumni who have joined:

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating, getting to meet others in my area, and meeting everyone else from across the eastern-half of North America and NL! It was a great escape from current times with stay-at-home orders, and not being able to travel. I look forward to participating again in the future”

"Thanks very much. It was a very good experience to be able to link up with a group of people with the same background, same interest in France. Hope we will have more often such an opportunity! The event was well organised, dynamic and participative."

"Great job! Unbelievable attention to detail made it better, including the idea/risk-taking of the borrels, the group facilitation, and the comprehensive follow-ups including survey, attendee list and especially WhatsApp local groups. Congrats to all who organized it!"