Online Master Programmes Information Session

Ulrike Wild, director of online and open learning, will talk about the new online master programmes of Wageningen University!

Organisator Wageningen University

do 5 maart 2015 12:15 tot 13:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Wageningen University will start two online Master programmes in September, 2015. With these innovative initiatives, students can study “Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health” (within the Master Nutrition and Health) and “Plant Breeding” (within the Master Plant Sciences) entirely online and so doing combine a career with studying.

But there are many questions around the new online master programmes:

  • How are the Master programmes constructed?
  • Who is the target group?
  • How does studying on an online platform look like?
  • How do students interact with each other?
  • What are online exams like?
  • How does this affect on campus education?
  • And what are the opportunities of these developments?

All these questions and topics will be addressed in the Online MSc lunch session on the 5th of March from 12.15 onwards. First members of the distance learning team and Ulrike Wild, director of online and open learning, will give a short presentation and afterwards there will be time for questions. Tea and coffee will be provided (bring your own lunch).